On court heritage. Off court impact.

Most young consumers know Converse for their cultural impact, but few associate the brand with basketball origins. Converse wanted to connect its cultural present to its basketball past for a whole new audience.

Basketball as creative expression

Working closely with Converse brand design, we designed and delivered the London experience – including a programme of sport, music, fashion and art experiences through the lens of basketball’s influence on sneaker culture and creativity. The programme included a TikTok studio, customisation workshops, panel discussions and a closing party featuring Tyler The Creator.

Cultural connection for a new audience

Converse engaged an international community of makers, artists, producers and designers to explore new ways to demonstrate their creative talents through the lens of basketball and the products born of the brand’s incredible history in the sport.

Through the All-Star Series, Converse was able to engage and educate 4,000 younger, creative London consumers, leveraging key brand and product messages to create a new generation of ambassadors by increasing Converse memberships by 3.5k.