Not just a new car. a new era.

Unveil The Valhalla, Aston Martin’s first hybrid super car, to the world.

Firsts only

Aston Martin’s first event following a huge rebrand, the brand’s first hybrid super car and the first vehicle to support this new identity. The first brand event at the state of the art Outernet venue.

Guests were given an intimate view of every detail of the car’s stunning interior by Aston Martin experts, with the venue’s cutting edge LED displays and precision-lighting programmed to highlight the car’s features in real-time during the presenters’ demonstration of the Valhalla on stage.

Guests were also able to get up close and even sit inside the Valhalla. The event also featured a carefully curated F1 display, and an exclusive performance from string trio SIREN on electric instruments, to accompany the enthralling end-to-end experience.

The future, launched

Aston Martin successfully launched their first foray in to hybrid vehicles and positioned their next chapter as human, sensory, immersive and feeling-first.