Creating next: Paris style

As an integral city to the Converse brand, Paris found itself at the centre of the Create Now Create Next campaign. XYZ were challenged to bring the ‘Create Next’ element to life through channelling the different minds of the four chosen talent, creating personal yet relatable worlds that Parisians would be desperate to explore across a three-day event.

Rediscovering a forgotten love

With the task of reconnecting Parisians with Converse, XYZ conceptualised and produced individual worlds at the stunningly raw 35-37 venue, taking a deep understanding of the four chosen talents and creating environments that immersed attendees in the minds of these creators. Through this, we provided an opportunity for fans of Converse to try on new and classic styles while sitting among beautiful flower arrangement and calming sounds in an ASMR area, before heading to take in Usha Jey’s calming yet impactful dance routine. Later on, attendees could be found sipping on a Hennessy cocktail during Andy4000’s DJ set, screen printing their own custom tees with PTSF or marvelling at Jean-Jacques Ndjoli’s modern courtyard installation, in direct juxtaposition with the rustic surroundings of the venue.

All star attendance

With 3,000 sign-ups across the weekend and plenty more queuing outside the venue in the hope of entering the space, the pop-up hit every objective and set a new standard for Converse within Paris.