A global innovator. A new vehicle

Our challenge – to launch Tata Motors EV business through their new AVINYA concept car, establishing the brand as a global innovator.

A multi-sensory story experience

Our team told the world Tata’s story of design innovation by creating a film that showcased Tata’s vision for the future of travel. A multi-sensory reimagining of the interior of the car and the experience of driving, created using Unreal Engine to showcase a car that didn’t yet exist, travelling effortlessly through a near-future landscape.

A vision of the future of travel

Working with partners in Mumbai to create a hybrid launch activation, we designed and delivered a global launch event featuring a huge, immersive curved screen as backdrop for the prototype vehicle reveal, during a live global interactive telecast to media and consumers. A seamless integration of film, sensory live experience and global brand campaign.