Collective power of womanhood

Goddess Awakened was a celebration of movement, style and self expression. Nike hosted this as the launch of Nike Women’s new lifestyle range in collaboration with choreographer, dancer, artist, athlete and Nike partner Parris Goebel for Paris Couture week. Goebel directed, choreographed and led a 40 minute performance for more than 30 Nike athletes and partners, marking the next era for Nike Women in high-quality, couture clothing.

The next era for Nike Women

With talent in abundance, XYZ’s challenge was to manage the live event, guest experience, an entrance to remember, and even facilitate rehearsal spaces to the same spec. The success metric: to create one remarkable moment in time. With nearly 15 outfit changes from the new line, the performance took inspiration from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory (featuring a set by La Mode), inviting viewers to find strength in collective female power and connect in love, grief, power through dance.

When movement becomes a movement

Partnering with Parris Goebel successfully positioned Nike in a new market leaving a presence on her 1.9 million followers on instagram with her best performing post being viewed 6 million times across the week following the event. Media coverage includes Vogue, Hypebeast, Dazed and many more with celebrity guests pushing out content to celebrate Nike championing women across the world.