Celebrate unstructured creativity

LEGO, working in collaboration with renowned designer Camille Walala, wanted to show the myriad ways creativity could inspire play with the new Dots range.

One house, five rooms, thousands of dots

Our team worked closely with Walala’s studio to build the House of Dots. Using 8 shipping containers, we created 5 distinct rooms. The rooms were decorated with over 2 million LEGO Dots and also featured opportunities to play and create with the Dots themselves.

XYZ’s team designed the experience journey, working out how to integrate Dots play opportunities throughout. We ran the whole project, led the production design, built the structure and worked with LEGO’s media team to manage all the media guests. We also ran, staffed and ticketed the public event for 5 days.

A house of play

House of Dots received over 10,000 registration requests, with results including media coverage in 26 different markets and reach of 2.1bn in 48 hours. We also donated all the LEGO Dots used in House of Dots to local schools and groups to help them continue their creative exploration.