55 years old. Totally new.

A lifetime in the making, a new whisky is unveiled to the world’s media. At $60k a bottle, this ultra-premium drink required an unforgettable experience.

Dining on Mount Tennōzan

Working closely with PR agency Hope & Glory, we created a special one-night tasting event for the launch of Suntory’s new Yamazaki 55-year-old whisky. Invitees were transported via a fully immersive experience to the foothills of Mount Tennōzan, where guests enjoyed cocktail tasting before the unveiling and first taste of the much-anticipated new whisky. This was followed by a carefully curated five-course menu inspired by Mount Tennōzan.

Our team were responsible for the experience design, venue design, branding and build, the event management and catering.

An indelible first taste

An incredible addition to the brand, showcased using a sensory experience to reinforce the premium superiority of Yamazaki.