Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

XYZ is an equal opportunity business that takes into account the diversity within our workforce, clients and contractors. We believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their religion, beliefs, age, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.

Our Commitment to Equality and Diversity

The XYZ Equality & Diversity Policy requires commitment from everyone within the company. The company founders are responsible for the implementation and effective operation of this policy and are true believers that Equality, Diversity, Disability & Inclusion should be for everyone.


Our mission is to make diversity & inclusion a standard way of doing business. We will promote a culture of belonging where open hearts and minds combine to unleash the potential of a brilliant mix of people. This policy and the legislation it represents will be taken into account during the pre-production, delivery and after services provided by XYZ to all our clients.

Our Responsibilities

As an employer, we ensure that we have a workplace where staff feel valued, respected and included. Upon commencement of their employment, staff will be informed of the existence of this Policy and the company’s expectations of them under its terms, they will undergo the companies Equality, Diversity, Disability & Inclusion training.

  • Harassment, exclusion and bullying will not be tolerated on any level and XYZ will create a working environment where staff will feel comfortable at work and always be treated with dignity and respect
  • We will ensure that fair standards of employment practice and proper records of employment decisions are maintained
  • We will deliver ongoing training on new and revised legislation to all our staff
  • We will treat all our business partners, clients, freelancers and contractors with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times
  • We will only employ the services of contractors, freelancers and suppliers whose core values are aligned with ours
  • We do not tolerate racism to anyone who is internal or external

Employees Responsibilities

All of our employees must adhere to and comply with this Policy and the spirit in which it is written. Employees must treat all colleagues and customers with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times. If employees believe that any form of discrimination is taking place within the workplace, we expect them to report this to XYZ immediately.

Employers Responsibilities

You can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times by our employers and we expect you to treat our employers in the same way. You will not be discriminated against or treated less favourably in any way on the grounds of your religion, beliefs, age, gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation.


We will also endeavour to ensure that all vacancies are advertised both internally and externally simultaneously. The selection criteria (job description and employee specification) for all roles will be kept under constant review to ensure that they are essential for the effective performance of the job. Remuneration will be set for the advertised position before applicants are seen and selected. Wherever possible, more than one person must be involved in the recruitment and selection process. In addition, the reasons for the selection and rejection of applicants for vacancies must be recorded.

Employee Training and Promotion

Whilst all training and employment opportunities will be offered strictly on merit, we will encourage underrepresented groups to apply for these opportunities within our company. Wherever possible, efforts will be made to identify and remove unnecessary or unjustifiable barriers and provide appropriate facilities and conditions of service to meet the special needs of disadvantaged and/or underrepresented groups.

Feedback and Complaints

We will deal with any complaints of discrimination quickly and in a constructive manner. There is an opportunity at the end of your contract to give the agency constructive feedback in your exit interview. Any feedback or complaints that we receive will be dealt with compassionately. We appreciate that this can be a difficult subject to raise and individuals may feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

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