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American clothing company is the first brand to trial XYZ’s new Connector platform

Levi’s FW21 collection

Levi’s®, the American clothing company, previewed its FW21 collection to strategic partners across Europe, with an extended reality experience combining a physical backdrop and digital showcase.

Levi’s® Human Nature was the brand’s first virtual sales launch in Europe, which connected more than 1,000 strategic accounts and franchise partners via an immersive digital showroom experience that commenced with a live-moderated event on 7 December and will stay open until the end of January.

The European showcase was set to be a physical event but due to the current restrictions on live experiences, Levi’s® turned to brand experience specialists XYZ to create a virtual solution. The agency used its newly developed platform, Connector, which was created this year to help brands adapt to sudden restrictions.

The immersive showcase

For this event a digital showroom was created by capturing footage at a live shoot in London, where the new collection was displayed against a Levi’s® Human Nature themed backdrop. Stills and videos from the shoot formed the foundation of the 360-digital world, where AI triggers appeared which guests could click to watch brand content including a message from Levi’s® CCO Seth Ellison.

Pre-event communications included a sensory box sent out to 501 Levi’s® staff and partners containing European Indigo Woad Plant seeds, like the ones used to dye Levi’s® denim, which could be reused as a planter, a QR code to a teaser video and a message from Levi’s® which could be used as a liner for the seeds.

A post-event e-mail with a chance to win tickets to a virtual Gorillaz gig after party on 13 December was sent out to all guests who logged in on the launch day. All content was provided in English, Spanish, Italian and French, with a multi-lingual Live Chat function moderated by XYZ, allowing guests to interact and receive answers in real time.

“To have Levi’s® as a client partner for the first ever Connector experience was a fantastic opportunity to realise the platform’s potential”

Paul Stanway, creative director, XYZ, commented: “To have Levi’s® as a client partner for the first ever Connector experience was a fantastic opportunity to realise the platform’s potential. Their collaborative mindset, commitment to innovation and trust in us as an agency meant that our collective effort become more than the sum of its parts, which manifested itself in an experience for their strategic partners that was unique, immersive and reflected Levi’s® consistently high production values. We could not have wished for a more positive and supportive client to launch our platform with.”

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